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As I have started to plan what will be my biggest bicycle trip so far, from Eindhoven, the city where I am living in the Netherlands, to Zurich, Switzerland, going through Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Germany, I thought that it would be a good idea to start a blog to document this and also to share my past short trips.

Actually, I have had the idea of creating a blog before, but bicycle touring is so common here on Europe that for some time I felt that what I was doing was not special enough to motivate the creation of yet another blog about this theme. However, now that I have started planning my big tour, I have found lots of useful information on websites and blogs, and this made me feel that I should also share the material that I am gathering.

Another factor that lead me to create my own blog is that none of the many blogs that I have found so far have been written by a student doing low-budget trips on a cheap bike. I hope that by showing all the fun I had while cycling more than 3.000km in the Netherlands with two different € 80 second-hand bikes  (over many, many, small 1-to-4 days trips) , l can also motivate more people to do the same and join this wonderful world of bicycle touring.

I must give credits to two blogs that have inspired me to start my own. RollGlobal, which I have found a couple of hours ago, and CyclingEurope.Org, whose author has a book about his first big trip, on EuroVelo 5, the route that I will be following on my first big trip. I bought the electronic version this week and I am really enjoying it so far.

With time I hope to add pictures, routes and some information about the short trips that I have been doing so far and to post my progress towards planning my big trip.

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