Additions to the plan

I have been really busy with university and all the stuff since my last post, but even so I was able to do some progress on the planning of my Summer trip to Zurich. Mainly, I am taking note of all the local cycling paths used by EuroVelo 5.

Moreover, after finding this awesome Lake Constance-Königssee-Cyclepath on, I am seriously considering expanding the trip to include this route after I arrive in Zurich. One of my host families (on my High School exchange year, 2009), visited Königssee once and I got really impressed with the pictures. On the same year I had the chance to visit Salzburg, Austria, which turned out to be one of my favorite cities ever. Coming back there would be really nice.

Finally, going through Austria and south of Germany would allow me to visit two ex-exchange students friends that studied here in Eindhoven last semester.

I finish this post with a really nice video showing a small village close to Salzburg that was also responsible for making me consider extending my original plans.

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